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MEN of Mystery

Three men with secret identities and hidden agendas -
sworn to protect and tamed by love.

The Bride's Protector
MEN of Mystery
Harlequin Intrigue #509

Her life depended on a stranger...

On the morning of her wedding, Tyler Stewart looked out the wrong window and witnessed a murder. Running for her life, she opened Lucas Hawkins's door-and found her true heart's desire.

But Lucas - his identity destroyed by the government he'd served - was a man with nothing. Yet something about his cool blue eyes and unreadably handsome face told Tyler that his secrets were as haunting as her own - and infinitely more dangerous...

When both their secrets eventually caught up with them, only Lucas's skills could keep them alive. But would the truth of who and what he was drive Tyler away?

The Stranger She Knew
MEN of Mystery
Harlequin Intrigue #513

Husband, Lover - Stranger

Secret Agent Jordan Cross had a new chance, and a new face. But if he no longer recognized the man in the mirror, some relentless enemies - and one small family did.

Three years ago, Kathleen Sorrel's husband vanished, leaving her and their two babies on the run, with danger dogging their every step.

Now the man she'd married was back - or was he? His eyes promised the love and protection he had once denied her. Her heart asked the most urgent of questions - was she a fool to believe her husband? Or a fool to believe this was her husband?

Her Baby, His Secret
MEN of Mystery
Harlequin Intrigue #517

To save his child...

CIA agent Griff Cabot knew things about Claire Heywood no one else did. Intimate things. Nighttime, bedroom things. And no one had ever ignited Claire's passion the way Griff had with just a touch. Then Griff was killed - before Claire could tell him the one thing he didn't know...

Faking his own death had seemed the simplest way to keep Claire safe. But now the child Griff had never known was missing. And the price of his daughter's return meant the death of a man - a ransom only Griff could pay. But how can he save his baby daughter when the whole world - including Claire - believes he's dead?